Main Street Vinyl Record Fair [VIDEO]

Main Street Vinyl Record Fair [Video]

The Main Street Vinyl Record Fair is a bi-annual vinyl record sale and community music celebration that takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The Main Street Vinyl Record Fair hosts independent record collectors, local record stores, local music labels, vintage audio dealers and an assortment of other music-related vendors.

The fair also features vinyl-spinning DJs and has showcased live music, food carts, artists and other entertainment.

The fair sees a regular attendance of approximately 1,000 music fans over the weekend and, with +50 vendors under one roof, the fair has grown to be among the largest record fairs in Western Canada.

The Main Street Vinyl Record Fair, however, is best known for the great deals it has in store for attendees. The fair has introduced a number of unique features to guarantee outstanding value for the $4 admission.

Record vendors, for example, are permitted to rent only a single table to display and sell their wares. This ensures that a wide-variety of musical genres are present and that only the most desirable vinyl records make the cut.

Attendees also receive community discount cards free with admission such as the Vancouver Record Store Discount Card for 10% off at +14 Vancouver record stores and the Main Street Meal Ticket for up to 20% off food/drink at near-by Main Street restaurants/bars.

The Main Street Record Fair is also the home of Vancouver’s Vinyl Donation and Recycling Program.

The program collects records from the community year-round and sells them at the fair by donation… or for very very very reasonable prices. The program is designed to give young music fans an affordable way start their vinyl record collections and to raise money for youth-oriented music-related non-profits in Vancouver, BC.

The beneficiaries of the vinyl record donation program are CiTR 101.9 FM Community Radio, the Safe Amplification Society and Girls Rock Camp Vancouver.

For more information about the Main Street Vinyl Record Fair and Vancouver’s Vinyl Donation Program, go to or email event organizer Robert Privett at

See y’all at the fair!

The Main Street Vinyl Record Fair would like to extend a big thanks to Apollo Ghosts for the use of their song ‘I Won’t Support your Love‘ from the 2009 EP ‘Forgotten Triangle.’

We’d also like thank the team at Counting Ants Productions for their excellent work and for their steadfast support of arts in Vancouver, BC.

Music by Apollo Ghosts –

Film by Counting Ants Productions –

Directed by Josias Tschanz
Produced by Jason Thompson & Josias Tschanz
Edited by Elton Hubner
DOP / Camera by Phat “Oak” Siriwat

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