Vancouver Co-op Radio joins the Vinyl Record Donation Program

Vancouver Co-op Radio CFRO 100.5 FM has partnered with the Vinyl Record Donation & Recycling Program and will receive a portion of funds raised by the program.

CRFO is an independent, listener-supported, non-profit community radio station that has provided the Vancouver area with public affairs, music and arts programming for over 40 years.

CRFO joins CiTR 101.9 FM at the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver chapter of Girls Rock Camp on the list of non-profits sponsored by the program.

“We are very proud to include Co-op radio,” says Donation Program Co-ordinator Robert Privett. “Independent radio provides opportunities and a voice for local bands, artists and youth in Vancouver that they can’t get anywhere else. It’s indispensable. Co-op radio is a perfect fit.”

Privett began the donation program to raise money for local non-profits and to provide young music fans with an opportunity to start a record collection without the expenses usually associated with the hobby.

“Records can be really expensive. A lot of people in Vancouver are having a hard time getting by. Music helps. If I can do anything to lower the bar so more people can enjoy records, I consider it a privilege to do so.” says Privett.

Privett collects donations of vinyl records and audio equipment from the community throughout the year. The albums are then sold at the Main Street Vinyl Record Fair in Vancouver, British Columbia by donation or for well-below market prices.

The donation program has raised over $7,500 for non-profits in Vancouver since its start in 2013 and is set to surpass $10,000 at the upcoming Main Street Vinyl Record Fair on Sunday, May 1st, 2016.

To help achieve this goal, Privett is bringing twice the number of donation records to the fair on May, 1st. The first wave will be available when doors open at 11 AM and the second batch of records will arrive in the afternoon at 3 PM.

“I’d say that these are the best donation records we’ve ever collected. There are going to be some big smiles on the way out the door,” says Privett.

In six years, the Main Street Vinyl Record Fair has become one of Vancouver’s most popular community music events. The music sale/festival has doubled its capacity three times in six years and is set to do so once again in November 2016 when the fair will return to a two day event at Heritage Hall with entirely different vendors each day.

The next Main Street Vinyl Record Fair takes place at the Heritage Hall (3102 Main Street) on Saturday, November 12th and Sunday, November 13th, 2016.

The event includes 100 independent vendors, over 100,000 records on sale, vinyl spinnin’ DJs, a vintage audio market and a growing number of other treats for vinyl record enthusiasts.

To donate vinyl records or audio equipment to Vancouver’s Vinyl Record Donation & Recycling Program, go to

More information about Vancouver Co-op Radio CFRO 100.5 FM can be found on their web site at

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