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If there’s a record fair that you’d like to tell the world about, let us help by sharing its story.

You may list your vinyl record fair on for absolutely free and update the information at any time.

To add your record fair to our site or update an old listing, fill out this quick survey and we’ll update the page as soon as possible.

You may add a record fair from any city or country.

See our Record Conventions in Canada page for an example of listings.

Promotional Opportunities

Along with a free listing, we can help promote your vinyl record fair by hosting a dedicated page for your event and by customizing the site theme for users in your area.

The site has been built from the ground up to help record convention promoters get a fair mention on search engines and reach music fans in their area.

Listing on ensures that the internet is treated with the most current details about your upcoming event.

How it works

It works like this. When an internet user from your area visits the site – especially the homepage, the site displays content related to your city and event.

Visitors can also change which city/record fair they choose to see. Should someone change their city with our easy drop down index in the top right of the screen, the site will remember their selection for the next time they visit.

For example, check out how the site behaves for users in Vancouver, BC and for users in Calgary, Alberta.

There’s all sorts of other neat things the site can do and will be able to do as we continue development.

This service is provided free of charge.

To have your record fair hosted on our site, fill out the quick survey mentioned above and send us a few graphics/photos(listed below).

Graphics and Photos

Send event photos, posters and graphics to

Please ensure that the posters and event photos are a minimum of 800px wide.

1. Event Posters – Min. 800px X 1236px (11 : 17 Ratio)
2. Event Photos – High definition JPGs are preferred.
3. Event Sponsor Logos (Optional) – Vector images are preferred but we can make do with jpg, gifs, etc but they must be at least 200px wide.


Here are a few features and benefits of promoting your record fair on the site.

Fully Developed Website

Get a highly functional, fast-loading, high traffic web site with a growing library of content with over 1 million page views a year… over-night… at zero cost.

100% FREE

No domain costs. No hosting fees. No upkeep or management contract. Free.

Top Ranking on Google

Have your event show at the top of search engine listings and ensure that Google keeps up-to-date with your most current event info.

High Traffic

Access an audience of over 50,000 unique visitors per month… and growing!

Custom Content

Homepage content is customized specifically for your event… and only your event. Include news, pictures, video about your event and articles about record collecting in your city. Update for free at any time.


Visitors from your area will be automatically directed to your event homepage and shown content specific to your record fair.

Mobile Ready

Fully responsive design that adjusts to any screen size.

Boost Social Media

Link up to 8 social media accounts and automatically display these links to visitors from your city on every page – including the community blog pages.

Multimedia Ready

Our super fast servers can handle a high volume of visitors and will allow you to post pictures, video and other multimedia content to your page.

Incredible Marketing Value

The site will grow, attract more visitors and become more valuable without any additional work or resources on your part. Just submit the graphics and details for your event. We’ll do the rest.

Additional Features

Online Booking

Book tables online and accept Visa, Mastercard or Paypal payments.

Google Map

Includes an interactive map to help attendees find your event with ease.

Cross-Promotion and Group Promotions

Take part in group promotions with your fellow record fair promoters.

Free Content

Use our ever-expanding collection of articles on vinyl-related topics to help promote your fair.

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